Wedding Entertainment Ideas – 5 Fun, Unique and Memorable Concepts

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

5 Fun, Unique and Memorable Concepts

There’s so many wedding entertainment ideas to choose from!?

I’ll be honest, it’s a minefield right? There are so many different wedding entertainment ideas you can choose to entertain your guests – once you’ve whittled it down and decided you want, for instance, say a band… which band do you pick for your wedding entertainment?

As a wedding entertainer myself, performing at around 100 weddings alone every single year, I’ve been fortunate enough to see some of the UK’s best wedding entertainers at work. I wanted to make a small list of wedding entertainment ideas, therefore giving you a little insight into what the best options are, and who I’d personally recommend you book!

I must add… these people have not paid to be mentioned. I don’t receive any commission/kick back if you book any of these suppliers for your wedding entertainment. They’re simply amazing at what they do, and because of this, I have to tell you about them!!

Your wedding entertainment ideas in no particular order…

Wedding Magician

Okay, I’ll admit maybe I’m slightly biased, however a Magician is a fantastic wedding entertainment idea! It’s sure fire way to break the ice for guests who’ve never met before!

During the arrival drinks reception, guests are standing around making small talk… canapés can only keep guests entertained for a short while! You’ll be whisked away for your photographs, so who’ll be there to introduce your guests? Fear not – I’ll mix and mingle, bringing small groups together, and share some incredible sleight of hand and witty humour!

You’ll head off for photos knowing your guests have been left in safe hands! You can see more information about how I can make your special day magical and memorable by clicking here.

Wedding Entertainment Idea - Magic Entertainment by Wedding Entertainer Jamie Docherty
Drinks Reception Singer Rozzy Turner

Wedding Singer

Something for your evening reception? ‘Made My Night’ guarantee to have everyone up dancing all night long! They offer a one of a kind, very unique entertainment package, which is simply the best solution for your evening reception. Forget average bands and cheesy DJ’s… your guests will have the time of their lives! I’m sure your evening wedding reception entertainment would end up being the talk of the town too!

One of the many things that make ‘Made My Night’ super special, is their team. Every single person tears the dance floor apart and brings the house down with their amazing vocals – songs people want to hear! The team is headed up by all round lovely person and hugely talented singer Rozzy Turner. You may even recognise her from her appearances on The Voice UK #TeamWill

You can see more information, and get in touch with Made My Night via their website here

Wedding Caricaturist

George is one of the UK’s best wedding caricaturists – renowned for his cutting edge stylised 4 minute caricatures and minimalistic digital caricatures.

With numerous TV appearances under his belt, George also remains Britain’s ONLY regularly published live caricature artist, with monthly caricatures in GQ magazine.

Working in the industry for more then 26 years, his unique, modern and elegant style never fails to entertain guests, therefore George is the perfect wedding entertainment idea.

You can find out if George is available for your big day by clicking here.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Good Wedding Caricaturist
Wedding Entertainment Idea - Wedding Acoustic Duo

Wedding Acoustic Duo

Mango Acoustic Duo are perfectly suited for your ceremony or arrival drinks reception! They’re multi-award-winning with years of experience and have a huge setlist of wedding songs. All their songs work beautifully for wedding ceremony music and drinks receptions, because they’re styled out in their unique relaxed style.

They’ll create the perfect soundtrack to your wedding ceremony or drinks reception. Not only will you have to option to choose all of the wedding songs they play, but they’re also happy to learn a special song for you too (maybe for your wedding ceremony music).

You can read more information and get in touch with Charlie and Will via their website

Wedding Saxophone Player

Love the saxophone? There’s something very special about the sound of a solo Saxophone player tooting background music.

Sarah Sax (aka The Swarovski Saxophonist) is a self-confessed Saxophone super fan, lover of live music and world-wide performer, therefore she offers something very unique for your drinks reception.

Classical, jazz, pop, Cafe Del Mar or Ibiza chilled house style – Sarah has your style of music covered, as well as playing her own fantastic interpretations to your favourite songs. She’s the only person in the world to have a Swarovski crystal covers Sax!

You can check Sarah’s availability via her website today!

Sarah Sax - drinks reception saxophone / sax player

Have you found some wedding entertainment idea inspiration?

Whatever you decide to have for your wedding, importantly, make sure you do it your way! You only get married once, and you want to look back in years to come thinking that the wedding entertainment ideas you made were the right choice for you.

Be sure you read up all of your suppliers reviews, see pictures of them performing and watch videos of them in action. Weddings are very personal, so maybe even arrange to meet your suppliers for a coffee, or chat to them on the phone.

Finally, I hope you have a wonderful wedding day, and enjoy every second! Jamie X

Wedding Tips and Advice – Here’s 9 Useful Ideas!

Wedding tips and advice for your big day!

You’re getting married… Congratulations! Here’s 9 useful wedding tips and advice collected from industry experts!

Get your engagement ring cleaned

Your ring will be on show in all of your photographs, so you want it to look it’s best!

Get it cleaned before your big day!

Tracey Kelly from TK Jewellery recommends you get your engagement ring cleaned at least 2 weeks prior, as some of the stones can get loose during the cleaning process, therefore they might need tightening.

Create a hashtag!

Create a #HashTag for the event!

Get guests talking about it on social media – allow people to upload their photographs and tag friends and family.

Watch and Observe

While sat at the top table – take a short moment to look around at all your family and friends. It may well be your favourite few moments of the day!


Guests remember your entertainment – give them something to shout about!

Visit Fine Entertainments for various ways to keep your guests entertained.

It’s your big day!

This is probably the most important thing!

It’s your wedding day! You can be kind, but don’t feel like you have to please everyone.

Make it exactly how you want it to be, and enjoy every second!

Best way to pee!

I’ve seen many ideas floating around on this subject, but my top wedding tip for you is to simply turn around!

Photo credit.


Don’t wear a bra the morning of your wedding – it may leave marks which will be visible in photographs!

Song request…

In the RSVP section of your invitations, leave a line where guests can write their favourite song.

They’ll get excited when they hear their song and head straight to the dance floor!


Use a brand new perfume – your memories of the day will become linked with that scent!

When you wear that perfume in the future, your mind will wonder back to the memories of your special day.

Hire a magician? 5 reasons NOT to bother…

Hire a magician - magician for hire

No need to hire a magician… because who wants their guests to have fun at the event?

Hire a magician? Guests making small talk, awkward atmosphere and twiddling of thumbs is all part of the event, right?

Want your guests to feel awkward?

If you hire a magician, guests will naturally spark up conversations with each other, because they’ll be entertained up close and personal and will have a mutual talking point. If you don’t mind giving guests an awkward experience, then you won’t want to hire a magician. They’ll only provide entertainment guests will remember forever.

You want the event to be boring? Don’t hire a magician…

Events can often be very similar and sometimes boring – if you want yours to follow this trend, then you don’t want a magician there to lift the atmosphere and create memories for years to come.

Awkward lul’s throughout the event…

Most events follow the same format and naturally have many lul moments throughout – if you like the awkward tension, and enjoy waiting around for ‘something’ to happen, then you definitely don’t want to hire a magician to distract from this!

You don’t want your guests to have fun?

Love hearing awkward silence? Can’t wait for the guests to make small talk? If you hire a magician to provide entertainment at your wedding, private party or corporate event, then you can be sure to hear lots of laughing, clapping and cheering. If you don’t want your guests to have fun and be in the party mood, steer clear – don’t hire a magician!

Breaking the ice and awkward tension…

Meeting people for the first time, or seeing people that you’ve not seen for a while can be daunting – making small talk and creating an awkward atmosphere for everyone. If you’re not fussed about that, then you won’t need to hire a magician. They’ll do the oposite and break the ice for guests, allowing them to relax, laugh and talk about something mutual.

Don't want your event to be boring? You NEED to hire a magician...

Still not sure you want to hire a magician for your event? Why not check out Fine Entertainments and see what other entertainment solutions are available!

Cruise Ship Entertainment

It was a childhood dream to be an entertainer onboard a ship.

I loved the idea of being away from home, performing all over the place, and waking up in a new country each day. As a child, that was exactly what I wanted to do!

I’ve been entertaining onboard ships now for the past 3 years – right now, the ship is docked in Santander, Spain, and I’m sat on Deck 9 writing this blog post (making the most of the sunshine here in Spain, I know!).

It’s always amazing to work with other talented performers. This week has seen me working with Ben Lambert – Ben’s a great guy, who I’ve worked with previously. He’s a solo singer who covers a whole range of songs in his own slick style… he always goes down a storm! Also on board, is the talented Stacey D – Stacey’s a great female vocalist, singing songs that everyone in the room knows and loves! In the piano bar, John Wandsworth has been playing lovely melodies for passengers while they have meals in the a la carte restaurant. Finally, we’ve all been managed by the wonderful Mark James… he’s this weeks entertainment manger, and has done a great job at co-ordinating the entertainment onboard the ship. Mark was also on Britain’s Got Talent in 2010, and you can see his performance here:

We’ve been on a mini-cruise starting in Portsmouth, then sailing around France (Roscoff), Spain (Santander), Ireland (Cork) and then back into England!

It’s been great fun performing to passengers over the course of the week, and watching the other act’s on stage too.

Next year will be a brand new show on board with Jay and Joss – we’re really looking forward to touring the new show throughout 2018!

Right, it’s nearly showtime, so I’m off to get ready… thanks for reading!

Holiday Parks, Weddings, Trade Shows and More!

Wow what a week! I’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country entertaining at all kinds of events this week – It’s been hard work, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

The week started off with two performances at two different holiday parks in Devon and then in Cornwall. I performed my 45 minute comedy, magic and illusion show which went down a storm at both venues!

I always enjoy performing my show at the holiday parks – It’s so nice to see lots of happy spectators laughing, clapping and enjoying themselves while watching the show!

Unfortunately, these were the last two holiday park performances for this season… but I’m really looking forward to working with my partner in crime, Lewis Joss next year, when we perform our brand new show, Jay and Joss!

If you haven’t already seen the showreel, then check it out!

Be sure to keep an eye on the Jay and Joss website, as we’ll be announcing tour dates very soon! We would love as many people to see the show as possible, and it will more than likely be appearing in an area near you!

I then performed at Kelly and Mike’s Harry Potter themed wedding in Cornwall, which was an absolute delight to perform at. The whole Harry Potter theme was awesome, and having the magic entertainment throughout the drinks reception and the wedding breakfast was quite fitting!

I also performed during Natalie and James’ wedding reception in Aylesbury – it was a lovely day, and the wedding took place in a beautiful marquee surrounded by fields and greenery.

I really enjoyed adding a touch of magic to both of these special days!

After Natalie and James’ wedding, I was straight off to perform at Vicky’s 21st Birthday Party in Milton Keynes. It was great fun performing for all of her friends and family. As well as having magic, there was lots of other things going on, including a singer, lots of inflatables, a hog roast, a pop up bar, and a DJ… it was a great night!

Finally, I finished the night performing at Gary and Sues wedding anniversary in Bedford. Spirits were high, and the magic went down a storm… I didn’t want to leave at the end!

I’ve finished my busy week here in Wales, where I’m performing at a two day event at Swansea University. I’m working for a regular client to increase the footfall on their exhibition stand using magic. Day one of the event has now finished, and I’m now sat in my hotel room writing this blog! I’ve got an early start, and I’m looking forward to performing my trade show magic again tomorrow!

Thank you for taking the time to read what I’ve been up to. Please do comment below, and let me know what you think! Maybe there’s something you want to know, or something you want me to write about in my next blog!

I’ve got lots of interesting content planned for the future, and can’t wait to share it with you!

All the best, Jamie x

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