Hire a magician? 5 reasons NOT to bother…

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No need to hire a magician… because who wants their guests to have fun at the event?

Hire a magician? Guests making small talk, awkward atmosphere and twiddling of thumbs is all part of the event, right?

Want your guests to feel awkward?

If you hire a magician, guests will naturally spark up conversations with each other, because they’ll be entertained up close and personal and will have a mutual talking point. If you don’t mind giving guests an awkward experience, then you won’t want to hire a magician. They’ll only provide entertainment guests will remember forever.

You want the event to be boring? Don’t hire a magician…

Events can often be very similar and sometimes boring – if you want yours to follow this trend, then you don’t want a magician there to lift the atmosphere and create memories for years to come.

Awkward lul’s throughout the event…

Most events follow the same format and naturally have many lul moments throughout – if you like the awkward tension, and enjoy waiting around for ‘something’ to happen, then you definitely don’t want to hire a magician to distract from this!

You don’t want your guests to have fun?

Love hearing awkward silence? Can’t wait for the guests to make small talk? If you hire a magician to provide entertainment at your wedding, private party or corporate event, then you can be sure to hear lots of laughing, clapping and cheering. If you don’t want your guests to have fun and be in the party mood, steer clear – don’t hire a magician!

Breaking the ice and awkward tension…

Meeting people for the first time, or seeing people that you’ve not seen for a while can be daunting – making small talk and creating an awkward atmosphere for everyone. If you’re not fussed about that, then you won’t need to hire a magician. They’ll do the oposite and break the ice for guests, allowing them to relax, laugh and talk about something mutual.

Don't want your event to be boring? You NEED to hire a magician...

Still not sure you want to hire a magician for your event? Why not check out Fine Entertainments and see what other entertainment solutions are available!

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