Wedding Tips and Advice – Here’s 9 Useful Ideas!

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Wedding tips and advice for your big day!

You’re getting married… Congratulations! Here’s 9 useful wedding tips and advice collected from industry experts!

Get your engagement ring cleaned

Your ring will be on show in all of your photographs, so you want it to look it’s best!

Get it cleaned before your big day!

Tracey Kelly from TK Jewellery recommends you get your engagement ring cleaned at least 2 weeks prior, as some of the stones can get loose during the cleaning process, therefore they might need tightening.

Create a hashtag!

Create a #HashTag for the event!

Get guests talking about it on social media – allow people to upload their photographs and tag friends and family.

Watch and Observe

While sat at the top table – take a short moment to look around at all your family and friends. It may well be your favourite few moments of the day!


Guests remember your entertainment – give them something to shout about!

Visit Fine Entertainments for various ways to keep your guests entertained.

It’s your big day!

This is probably the most important thing!

It’s your wedding day! You can be kind, but don’t feel like you have to please everyone.

Make it exactly how you want it to be, and enjoy every second!

Best way to pee!

I’ve seen many ideas floating around on this subject, but my top wedding tip for you is to simply turn around!

Photo credit.


Don’t wear a bra the morning of your wedding – it may leave marks which will be visible in photographs!

Song request…

In the RSVP section of your invitations, leave a line where guests can write their favourite song.

They’ll get excited when they hear their song and head straight to the dance floor!


Use a brand new perfume – your memories of the day will become linked with that scent!

When you wear that perfume in the future, your mind will wonder back to the memories of your special day.

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