Lights from Nowhere


Make a ball of light appear at your fingertips anytime you want! The ball of light vanishes, moves from hand to hand, and can pass through any solid object with ease!

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Amaze your friends and family with the ability to manipulate light with your bare hands!

Casually pass the light from one hand to the other, through your body or any solid object. This is an incredibly easy magic trick to perform, yet has the biggest impact. This effect can be performed with equal impact as close pp/strolling or even a stage routine, the possibilities are endless. Instant reset allows you to perform anytime, anywhere. This trick can be performed literally within seconds of opening it!


  • Magically light up the dark with your fingers.
  • Powerful bright red led.
  • Turns on and off, at your full control.
  • Good magical trick/prop to amaze others.
  • Powered by small¬†button battery (Included).
  • Each set includes 2x ‘lights from nowhere’


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